UI Design On-demand, allWomen

Lead Instructor

I have co-created with allWomen the UI Design foundation course, an on-demand course that you can take at your own pace and where you will learn the principles of visual design, motion, and interaction design while developing your case study.

UX/UI Design, DesignLab


I have been mentoring at DesignLab students from the UX Academy Foundation and the UX Academy. If you sign in for the course you can request to Design Lab for me to be your mentor!

Chelsea Cuffy

UX Academy, DesignLab

“She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to her knowledge in UX / UI but also in design as a whole. On a technical note, she is exceptional at explaining UX / UI concepts. Susana is also a natural at teaching. I really felt cared about with my progress and she would boost my confidence and motivate me when I needed it the most. I love her style of critique, she's very thorough, respectful and very clear when it comes to giving feedback. On a professional level, she's the most organized! She schedules our sessions in advance, shows up on time and replies / communicates always in a timely fashion. I can say without hesitation, she was the best part of my UXA experience.”

Susan Chien

UX Academy, DesignLab

“I have had a wonderful experience working with Susana Passinhas as my UXA mentor. She is a highly skilled UX designer with a deep understanding of the principles of user-centered design. She also has a strong visual design background which shows in all of her feedback and work. In addition to her technical skills, Susana is also an excellent communicator and teacher. She is gifted in explaining complex concepts in a clear and practical way that goes beyond academic teachings and obviously draws deeply from her years of hands-on experience. Susana is passionate about helping students learn and grow. She is also a patient and encouraging mentor- she was very supportive and flexible. She is always very organized with planning and a clear communicator on her expectations and availability. As I near the end of my program, I would most definitely consider Susana’s mentorship the most beneficial aspect of my experience enrolling in UXA. Susana always gave me very clear feedback and often went above and beyond UXA’s project goals and made sure I understood what would be expected of me in a real-world working environment. She is clearly invested in my development as a designer and I would enthusiastically recommend her to any DL student.”

Jill Mcandrew

UX Academy Foundations, DesignLab

“Susana was my mentor for UX Foundations and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Designlab! I credit her for a lot of my visual design growth because of how patient she was and how clearly she explained her feedback. She really made me feel prepared to go into UX Academy and I brought a lot of her advice with me as I completed UXA. Now I'm close to graduating Designlab and I think she was a big help in getting me here!”

Qi Shen

UX Academy Foundations, DesignLab

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for my UX Foundation mentor Susanna’s invaluable guidance and support throughout my UXF journey. She inspires me with her constant encouragement and optimism. I enjoy working and achieving goals with her.”

UX/UI Design, MentorCruise


I am available as a mentor at MentorCruise. I can provide support on your career transition or support you throughout your UX/UI learning journey. Book a session with me!



"I’m so happy that I met Susana! She is a great mentor, professional, supportive, very responsive and ready to help anytime with exercises, detailed feedback, resources and regular talks. With her help, in 2 months, I did a lot of progress. I am really looking forward for what’s next. Thank you, Susana!"

UX/UI Design Bootcamp, allWomen


I have been teaching the classes of Ideation and Interaction Design (Information Architecture, Wireframes, Flows) and also about Usability Testing.

Marianne Márquez Blanco

UX/UI Bootcamp, AllWomen

"Susana was one of my instructors at the UX/UI course at allWomen Academy. She always found different ways to keep us engaged and motivated, making each class feel dynamic, interesting and challenging. Her passion for the subject matter and her genuine talent for teaching made her classes a highlight of the course."

Natalia Lezcano Sticchi

UX/UI Bootcamp, AllWomen

"Susana was one of the instructors I had during the UX/UI Bootcamp I took at AllWomen in Tech. She was committed and constantly encouraged us to always think outside the box. What I appreciate the most about her is that in every class she contagious us with her good energy. I hope we can coincide in the near future again✨"

Alicia Olona

UX/UI Bootcamp, AllWomen

"I’ve learned much more than ideation techniques during Susana's class; She is a great instructor with a huge dose of good vibes and tons of empathy, a good listener, and always open to sharing her knowledge and providing feedback. Glad to have had her advice during my career shift."

Ángela Linares Villegas

UX/UI Bootcamp, AllWomen

"I have loved having Susana as a teacher. Learning with her is easy and her comments are always witty, direct and make you think deeply. Her classes are attractive and full of good vibes. In addition, she is interested in her former students and she always has a kind and useful word for those who need it, as an injection of good energy and strength to encourage us to keep going further. Thank you, Susana, you rock! :)"

Catarina da Silva Hall

UX/UI Bootcamp, AllWomen

"I enjoyed a lot Susana's classes during my UX/UI Design Course at AllWomen. Her energy, knowledge and spirit had a great impact during the course and the way we learned the topics. It was a privilege to have Susana as a teacher and she's very professional and passionate about what she does."

Professional Diploma in UX Design, UX Design Institute


I have been giving feedback to the UX course students from the UX Design Institute in the webinar series. Feel free to send me an email if you watch them!

Kristina P.

Professional Diploma in UX Design, UX Design Institute

"...I am a student at UX Desing Institute and a big fan of your webinars, where I find super insightful feedback. They are always spot on, they help me iterate my projects before submitting them and give me ideas of new things to add (that one last bit is easy, as I am a total beginner in the UX)..."

Leszek Trawczynski

AirHelp Mentee

"Last year I had an opportunity and a chance to have a mentorship with Susana. She is not only an excellent teacher with a lot of patience, but also very motivating mentor. She precisely define my needs as a beginner, helped to understand what I already know, what are my strengths and weaknesses and discover the best path for me. She helped me to understand the best designer principals and how to implement them in my projects. Now for few months I'm working as a designer in my company and I'm getting a good feedback for my work. Without a doubt thats also Susanas contribution. I can truly recommend her skills and knowledge for both junior begginers and more experienced designers!"

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