letgo oto+

letgo is operating in the secondhand market since 2015, previously focused in USA market, shifted to Turkey in 2020. Also in 2020 letgo invested in a new area of business - car transactions, creating letgo oto+, acting as a middlemen for car buyers and sellers, providing trust, convenience and transparency.

Empathising with secondhand car buyers

In a series of workshops facilitated by me, we could, together (BI, Marketing, PMs, Design, Strategy, etc), create the customer journey of what it would be our MVP. To do that we did a collaborative empathy map, based also in the knowledge we had from previous research about secondhand car buyers in Trukey.

The seller's customer journey

Our initial focus was aquisition - the seller journey - our goal was to buy 50 cars (and sell 50 cars) until the end of the year 2020. We needed to deliver value fast so we defined together what were the must haves in the seller journey and took it for discussion with the development team. After 3 weeks we started to buy cars from customers!

Validating assumptions

Event though we were moving fast, we also wanted to test our initial assumptions so we tested the prototype of what we wanted to build, (while building it at the same time). The main findings were about the copy and comprehension of the service. So luckly we could still add those changes into our MVP first release!

The buyer's customer journey

While we continue to improve the seller journey it was time to think about the buyer's journey, so we followed the same process - empathy map, customer journey, prioritizing, design and development.

Iterate, iterate, iterate

We successfully reached our goal of buying and selling 50 cars until 31 December 2020 and have been ever since continuously iterating on our user's experience, based on data and insights.

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