Coaching Session

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback

Feeling stuck in your job search?

Get the confidence you need to get the job you deserve with my personalized mentoring session Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback!

In this session we will go through your Portfolio, LinkedIn and CV together and I will give you actionable feedback, this means I will recommend to you how to improve it (in detail) so that you can be more confident about how you present yourself and get a better chance of being noticed by recruiters.

The session

Comprehensive portfolio review: Receive meticulous feedback on your portfolio. I’ll pinpoint areas for improvement and provide actionable suggestions.

LinkedIn profile enhancement: I’ll go through your profile and give you tips and recommendations accordingly so that you start to get noticed by recruiters.

CV optimization: I will go through your CV and will give you tips and recommendations so that you can have an easily scannable CV.

Actionable feedback:Your tips and recommendations will be delivered to you in a comprehensive PDF document so that you can work on it after our session.



60 minutes

One-off session

Materials provided:
PDF (feedback and action points)

Ideal for:
Recent bootcamp graduates, design students, career changers, early-career designers, freelancers, UX/UI designers

Refund policy:
This session is non-refundable.

Cancellation policy:
You may reschedule your session with a minimum 24-hour notice. Sessions canceled with less than 24 hours' notice will be forfeited; however, you will still receive the PDF with feedback and action points.

I am an experienced Senior UX/UI Designer, a dedicated UX/UI Design Educator, and a Digital Fabrication Expert with over 16 years in the design field. I have contributed my skills to renowned brands such as Volkswagen, Pepsi, Philips, Toon, and letgo, bringing a wealth of experience from both agency and product company settings.

In recent years, I have transitioned to teaching and mentoring aspiring UX/UI Designers, where I am now fully committed. Leveraging my industry knowledge and expertise, I aim to bridge the gap that young designers face between completing a UX/UI Design course and securing their first professional job.

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Melissa M.

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback session

★★★★★ 5 Very useful

"Susana’s review of my portfolio, LinkedIn and CV was extremely detailed and insightful. She highlighted many things I hadn’t thought of before and the information was delivered in a clear document alongside our session which I can keep going back to as I implement the tips and strategies.”

Florencia C.

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback session

★★★★★ 5 Very useful


"Susana helped me get unstuck with very actionable feedback. I truly appreciated a fresh and neutral perspective from a seasoned designer whom I trust. For anyone embarking on their job search or wanting to take their profile to the next level I wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Susana!"

Isabel C.

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback session

★★★★★ 5 Very useful


"The key actions after the review are clear and it was very helpful having some time for clarifications during the on-line meeting. Now I have an effective guidance to follow and still with space for some personal decisions along the way. ”

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Greys A.

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback session

★★★★ 4 Useful

"Susana's review of my portfolio was very useful. Now I have implemented some of her comments and I feel much more confident applying to Jobs.”

Roberto A.

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback session

★★★★ 4 Useful

“If only I knew before. It was a fantastic idea to speak with someone who is honest and can give back constructive feedback. Honestly, I really recommend this session to everyone. It gave me drive to improve and become better. Thank you.”

Rafael M.

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback session

★★★★★ 5 Very useful


"My experience working with Susana was exceptional! She demonstrated a deep understanding of the materials I provided, including my CV, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile. Susana meticulously analyzed these documents, took detailed notes, and effectively communicated her insights, allowing me to grasp her thought process. Her guidance was incredibly precise and tailored to my needs, elevating my profile to a point where I now have the confidence to apply for jobs, assured that my experience is clearly and effectively presented, leaving no crucial aspects overlooked. In conclusion, I genuinely endorse Susana as a professional mentor. If you're seeking expert guidance and mentorship, she is undoubtedly the go-to person!"

Ligia O.

Portfolio, LinkedIn, and CV review and feedback session

★★★★★ 5 Very useful

"Susana was my instructor in a UX course I took a while ago. When I needed assistance in refining my portfolio, I reached out to her because I truly admired her clear communication skills and friendly approach. In our recent session, she not only reviewed my portfolio but also took the time to look at my CV and LinkedIn profile. She provided great actionable tips and advice, meticulously documented in a Google Doc so I can reference it later. This approach of considering all my touchpoints for personal branding and professional positioning reflects her holistic thinking. Thanks Susana for helping me shape my professional presence more effectively and with more authenticity!”


Is the session refundable?
No, this session is not refundable.

Will I get a receipt?
Yes, all the services I offer have a receipt of payment.

When can I have the session?
You can choose from the available time slots in the calendar once you click "BOOK A SESSION".

How is the session done?
The session is done remotely using Google Meets.