Tomtom Electric Car - App

I did this project as a business case for TomTom. The challenge was purely Visual but as a UX Designer I couldn't possible do it without questioning it. I got a scenario for a user that wanted to go see his parents but he didn't had enought battery on his electric car and he would see in the app where to charge his car.

Understanding the problem

I always start by questioning why and for whom we are solving a problem. I started by questioning all assumptions and understanding the context of electric cars and the user needs. I created a empathy mapping and as a result a persona - Peter.

Peter spends so much time at work that every minute he can spend with his family is precious.

Sketching ideas

I was ready to start thinking on a solution when I framed the problem/challenge: How might we save time on a electric car route when a destination is known?

The solution

By managing our users expectations we can provide them full control of his time and guide him to better plan his journey so that he can reach his final destination in the shortest time possible.

We give the user the smartest routewithin the context: weather, battery and traffic. We show only what is relevant at the right time.

The content is shown in context providing clear focus. The look and feel is inspired by aerodynamics, shown by the curves and round shapes.

The navigation is intuitive and simple supported by animations that guide the user’s eye to the next step.

© Susana Passinhas