Toon is a smart thermostat developed by Quby - an innovation company by Eneco, in The Netherlands. Toon is a device that provides the user control over their house heating system, smart appliances like Philips HUE lights and manage the energy consuption of their house appliances. I worked across features mainly as a Visual Designer while working alongside with my UX Designers, Research and Copy colleagues.

Understanding the toon ecosystem

A smart thermostat could be incredible complex. Toon has the possibility to integrate with multiples devices and also is being used in different countries that require different adaptors and energy sources. Me and 2 colleagues took the challenge to understand the toon's ecosystem and gathered insights from the engineers and the product experts. I then too all this knoeledge to create an infographic that clearly shows the toon's ecosystem, that later proved to be a valueable asset for external presentations, internal communications and onboarding new colleagues.

© Susana Passinhas